Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mothers Day Gift

One of the most important holidays for me is Mothers Day. This is not because I am a mother, but I have a remarkable woman as my mom. She is the mother of six children, supportive wife of 35 years at the end of this month, and the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met.

If this woman loves fashion, if would be all about the colors. Her ultimate two favorite colors for spring and summer are Coral and white. She has everything she wants and needs, but this purse screamed her to me while I was headed to the checkout line. The dress I had bought for her was quickly forgotten. This is a beautiful woven straw and soft white leather Emma Fox purse. It was originally $198 at Nordstrom, but I found this bag at The Rack for $89.

Make sure to wrap up your gift with some beautiful giftwrap. It is always gorgeous when you use bold paper and plain ribbon or vice versa. I chose a patterned black and white paper and black and purples for the ribbon. I love using multiple ribbon to give the package for depth and texture..

Last but not least, is the card. DO NOT, I repete, DO NOT forget to get your mama a card because that is the most important part. I picked mine up and the best card store I know and that is papyrus. It is a little more pricy, but if you buy three cards, then you can get one free. This card was $6.99 and worth every penny.


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