Friday, April 27, 2012

Tribal Sweater

This warm and cosy Free People tribal sweater seemed like it was jumping out at me at Nordstrom Rack. Just as I headed towards the dressing room, there it was, separate from all of the other clothes on the rack. I walked over and saw the price tag of $17.70! I knew this sweater was worth much more and it was, it was compared at $110.00! I tried it on and it fit perfect! On me it was long enough that on a warmer day, I could wear it with just boots and as a dress, or I could match it was some leggings. The Rack always has great finds for super cheep prices!


  1. nice! if you want, take a look at my blog...we can follow each other if you like it! I hope...kisses

  2. Great find, I love the tribal trend right now, it's so fun.


  3. Crazy about this sweater! The print is exactly what I've been searching for, but on a shawl/throw for the summer :)

    Charlie x

  4. Lovely Sweater babe!
    Love the Print.
    Great blog.
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