Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elizabeth And James Sequin Steal

Crossroads is one of my favorite spots to find amazing gems like this Elizabeth and James Sequin dress! I saw it hanging on the wall and couldn't believe it lasted even five seconds. I snatched it up as fast as possible hoping that it for one fit, and two was worth the $65 price tag since it is a second hand clothing store. 

I skimmed through the rest of the store and ran to the dressing room to see if this was meant for me. It was! The fit, length  and colors were perfect was every sequin in its perfect place. I had brought in a few items that I could possible sell to the store, and after I finished my shopping I was told I had $67 in trade value. I just scored this dress for free! 

When I got home I did some research to see what the dress was actually worth. I knew I scored but didn't know how much until I found it was originally priced at $495! This is exactly why I shop here and love stores like these. I cant wait for the next fabulous opportunity to wear this.