Monday, April 9, 2012

Warehouse Sale

The first Saturday of every month, the M. Fredric warehouse in Agoura Hills has an amazing sale. This last Saturday I wend with my girlfriend and found some great deals. The options weren't as large as usual but there were Winter and Spring selections and I was able to walk away with two great buys. There are mens, women's, and children's clothing available at the sales just like the stores. The first thing I saw was a pale yellow cotton Lunoluz dress originally $129.00 marked down to $10.00! The next was a M. Fredric cotton tribal top marked from $36.00 down to $15.00. I know I will be attending the next warehouse sale event and I hope that anyone who loves M. Fredric as much as I do will too.


  1. What a cute dress, I love the colour!

  2. love the yellow dress! xx

  3. i love that tribal top! such a good print x

  4. Lovely dress!! :D


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  6. Lovely dress, great colour!

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